I have this old pine extension table that Ted picked up at a garage sale about 10 yrs ago, I've threatened to sand it back and tidy it up a bit but just haven't got around to it. Yesterday we moved it onto our new verandah extension and went to put the extension back in it, it was all warped, I said hang on I'll try my Furniture polish on it first...Wow, the table looks beautiful the colour has changed and the wood has sucked up the polish and looks beautifully moisturised, the warping has flattened, I gave it 2 coats & didn't want to put the cloth on to cover it but did. Thank-you

"Received my order today. (great service). Tried it straight away, just had to let you know, LOVED IT, LOVED IT, LOVED IT. Thank you for a great product."
(Lavender Furniture Polish)

"Top Product!" (Lavender Furniture Polish)
R. Coffey

"Very many thanks for the safe delivery of your superb polish - it beats all the others without question."
B. Snowden

"Thanks for the prompt service, my customers love your polish."
A Gould, Hurstbridge Old Tin Shed Antiques, Victoria

"Absolutely beautiful." (Furniture Polish)
Jan Bailey

"Most amazing stuff (polish)".
Customer at market

"It's smashing, I love it." (Lavender Furniture Polish)

"Can't tell you how pleased I am with how my choccie leather lounge suite has come up !! not to mention my 'distressed' hardwood coffee table.

I took before & after pics of the couches for my own satisfaction & I am tickled pink with my (Lavender Furniture Polish) purchase." SueB, Viewbank

Nothing else compares with your furniture polish.
Customer, Flemington Market

Love this product (Lavender Furniture Polish with Beeswax) - we use in on everything from the couch to desk, furniture & the piano :)
LDB, Alphington